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In TELNET SOLUTIONS we help you to extend your business to these new channels, or to create a new business of marketing, advertising and sale through the use of APPs (mobile applications)

We are specialized in the development of mobile applications for Android and Apple iOS platforms. We build applications in the native language of each of the platforms or in multiplatform solutions using HTML5 technology.

We always look for the best balance between usability and application performance to offer the end customer a satisfactory use experience. To do this, we developed user interface prototypes that we agreed with our clients, respecting the usability standards of each platform.



You devote yourself to yours, we take care of making your social networks shine

Strategy in Social Networks

We made an audit of Social Networks. Analysis of the competence. We establish the objectives, what networks are appropiate for you and we carry out the action plan. Measurement of results to know what we are doing great and where we should correct the course.

Community Manager

We believe that behind a brand or business there are people, and behind a client, another. The job of the Community Manager is to connect these two people in the space 2.0 they have in common. Generate conversation, attract an ideal audience and convert it into clients. Do you want to know what else? Contact here





We managed to position your website in the top positions / results of Google and we provide you with the necessary strategies to work that relevance in social networks and content. In this way, your website will be optimized in the search engines and organic traffic will be generated in one of the most profitable sources of the digital system. Your business can succeed on the Internet of the country that you decide.


Within a marketing plan the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a key factor in the management of search engine advertising. This offers the control, speed and breadth that your strategy needs. Most of the times the success of an advertising campaign in a search engine 
is due to analyze the data of what is happening. Unlike SEO, in the SEM the positioning is paid through sponsored links in which the results are obtained in shorter terms. We propose SEM campaigns that allow us to cover a range of segmentation. According to the objectives that you set, we will orient your positioning in one way or another to obtain greater visibility in Google and other search engines. In addition, we specialize in
the development of SEM positioning campaigns in Google (AdWords). We offer our ability to analyze the users and the competition and our technical knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for social and corporate communication are effective. We plan and apply it to measure to be a success and totally personalized.





In TELNET SOLUTIONS we design your website from the SEO & Digital Marketing Strategy so that it attracts quality contacts and is at the service of your company.

 - We create your web to be a true engine of CLIENTS and SALES.
 - Attractive and easy to use.
 - Optimized for search engines.
 - With texts that connect and capture your client.
 - Adapted to mobile and tablet.

  We hear you

  To know in depth your project and plan how your ideal website will be.

  We advise you

  With an action plan aimed at achieving more with less.

  We execute

  We take care of all aspects of your website following high quality standards.

  We accompany you

  In the optimization and implementation of actions that maximize your results.

We know that the organization is the key to the success of a web development project. More than 17 YEARS of experience as a company in the internet sector have taught us that a good working method reduces development times, keeps a team happy and committed and allows us to give our clients the best possible service. We will never take a single step without meeting with you first and knowing about your project or company almost as much as you. We will be your technological advisor in each part of the process.